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Waxing & Advanced Skin Care Spa

Has your current waxing salon switched to a new wax that hurts your skin? Have you never waxed before but are thinking it’s about time to get yourself started on that? Shaving has become an absolute hassle and you’re so tired of it, so you’re looking for a way to lose the hair, with the added benefit of it growing back in smoother and slower than shaving, but you don’t know where in Houston to turn? Well, look no further than the advanced skincare and spa Eyebrow Threading - Beauty & Brow. We are your number one resource for waxing, skincare, and other spa treatments for women. We have a well trained and experienced staff, all certified to complete the treatments they are trained to do. We are a kind and friendly team that will treat you like royalty when you walk into our advanced skincare and spa. 

We here at Eyebrow Threading - Beauty & Brow take great pride in the level of care we treat our clients with, whether it’s waxing or skincare or both that you’re looking for, we’ll make sure to treat you with great care. All of our treatments are done with advanced knowledge and we always keep up to date with latest trends and techniques in the business. Waxing can be a great way to remove the hair from your body and face. Not only does it temporarily remove your hair, it also pulls the hair from the follicle, which makes the hair grow back slower and softer and over time, will thin your hair and in some cases, such as your eyebrows, hair can permanently stop growing. We here at Eyebrow Threading - Beauty & Brow in Houston are open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 7pm, so stop in now to get our best and latest treatments in skincare and waxing.

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