Eye Brow Threading

Are you desperate for an eyebrow shaping or waxing, but have sensitive skin that leaves your eyebrows like scabs when you’re finished with the waxing? Have you recently started an acne medication prevents you from having your eyebrows waxed so you’re looking for an alternative to the process to get shapely brows and possibly reduce the hair on your lip? Do you have some other sort of condition that affects the sensitivity of your skin you’re looking for a painless way to remove hair from your face? Look no further than Eyebrow Threading - Beauty & Brow. We practice an ancient hair removing technique called eyebrow threading that is successful in removing whole rows of hair from your brow, lip, or other parts of the face quickly and efficiently while also causing less pain. The technique uses two pieces of cotton thread and pulls the hair out near to its follicle so hair will not grow back thicker and it is safe for those with sensitive skin and those on medications who aren’t allowed to wax. 

Are you looking for a new skincare regime? Are you worried about your aging skin and what you can do for it? Let us give you a hand here at Eyebrow Threading - Beauty & Brow in Houston. We have a great line of skincare products and are eager to try a facial out on you. You’ll never be as relaxed as you are than with one of our facials. So when you’re looking for eyebrow threading to get your facial hair under control in a no nonsense, minimal pain fashion or looking for great skincare, turn to Eyebrow Threading - Beauty & Brow in Houston for all of your female skincare needs. We’ve a great team of well trained and certified staff who will be happy to take care of you. We’re open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 7pm.

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