Skin Care & Body Waxing

Has the hair on your legs or in your armpits gone a big rogue lately as you've been far too busy carting the children around town to give them a second thought? Now you’ve got a date coming up, so you’d love to take the time to take care of the hair without all of the hassle. Are looking for a way to remove your body hair that will last longer than shaving or any other treatment out on the market today while also growing back softer? Have you decided that you’re incredibly tired of doing all the hair removal yourself so are looking into body waxing so that you can literally lie back and let someone else do the work for you? We here at Eyebrow Threading - Beauty & Brow in Houston are your number one resource for female body waxing and skincare. We have a wide range of services including eyebrow threading, body waxing, and skincare treatments and facials. Our team is well trained, experienced, and certified in the business and as a spa we keep up to date with new trends in the industry and are eager to try them out on you. 

When it comes to body waxing it can be a painful and unpleasant business, but the benefits are outstanding. The hair grows back more slowly than when shaved because it is pulled out of the follicle, it grows back softer and you only have to wax every four to six weeks or so. Apply this to your underarms and bikini region and you have a virtually no hassle hair free body for much of the month and we’d love to help. We are open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 7pm for your convenience, so give us a call now to book your appointment with us.